Years and Years play to a full house at Swindon Oasis

A seen in The NME New Musical Express and in Swindon last week, Olly Alexander, Emre Turkmen and Mikey Goldsworthy known as Years and Years played to a full house at the Swindon Oasis. And I can understand why they are playing to full houses all around the country. They were very very good, very entertaining and very professional.

Well worth watching and photographing.

Karen Marie Orsted at Swindon Oasis

Danish Electro Pop singer and performer Karen Marie Orsted put on a stunning performance last night as the support act for Years and Years at the Swindon Oasis venue. She needs to headline in her own right. She was very good. And for me she was or appeared to be happy to let me get in close and photograph her.