Stevie Wonder at London Hyde Park BST July 2016

OK guys back in the saddle so to speak. So starting to post again. Back in July I was lucky enough to get Photo Pass for Stevie Wonder Concert at Hyde Park London Barclaycard Summer Time series. I really enjoyed myself but really hard work. He was brilliant of course but very difficult to photograph and listen to. The stage was so high, there were 49 other photographers rushing around and fighting for best spot in the pit. In fact after I got the best shots I could, I put my camera down and just enjoyed the moment. I think it is so important to not just photograph but to enjoy. After the first song we were led back into the press tent where you could watch it on a screen but because it was back stage you couldn’t hear it properly so was p’d off on that score but all in all got to shoot and listen to some epic performers (see other posts) so despite the difficulty it was well worth it.

Oh and one last thing. If you don’t like signing contracts I wouldn’t bother going to try to shoot him. Signed contract with his management company and it was checked 4 times before being allowed in to the pit !!!!!!


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