Sham 69 Iconic 70’s Punk Band

Well I have no excuse other than I have been too busy and too lazy to keep my blog up to date. I never realised just how much work is involved with blogging, and I don’t even do it properly. All I ever do is put up images and a short amount of text. How people who fill the content with text and update daily or weekly is frankly impressive and I take my hat off to all you guys out there who do.

That said I am going to update my blog with some of the shoots I have done recently. Starting with this one.

I shot the iconic 1970’s Punk Rock Band Sham 69. The kind guys both in the band and the promoters PigHill Promotions of Swindon allowed me to shoot back stage as well as front of house. It was awesome. I was almost on stage with them rather than back stage. The level of energy I felt on the stage was outstanding and I can understand why bands have to ‘come down’ after a gig. Jimmy Pursey was as awesome as he was back in the 70’s. Talking of which it really did take me back to the 70’s. Not just the band but the audience as well. It was full of punk rockers and skinheads, the only difference was that they were all middle-aged or older rather than young teenagers as I remembered it. And of course there was the obligatory barrier crush and failure. Nothing changes, it was great.

Lighting was very difficult and so technically I am not totally happy with the images I shot but some did get in to the papers and to me they still show that atmosphere of the gig.

So if you remember them or just fancy a fun night out I would suggest going to see them.