62 @ 62


So what is 62 @ 62

Well it is my next challenge. It is at the age of 62 to run a 62 mile Ultramarathon known as The Race To The Stones which is 62 miles along the Ridgeway Path starting in Oxfordshire and ending at The Avebury Stones and all it one day. Why on earth am I doing it you may ask. I like a challenge and believe we all have to push and challenge ourselves just to see really how far we can go. I have competed in Ironman triathlons, I have represented GB in Duathlon a few times and ran quite a few marathons. I have never run more than 26.2 miles though and I consider this a huge challenge that I am not taking lightly. Especially at my age. Well you are already fit and healthy so it shouldn’t be a problem you might say. Well no, I have been off training for a year after a foot operation and suffering some sort of ‘virus’. The good thing about being ill was I have had all the heart tests done and it is all perfectly fine, in fact it seems to be pretty dam good, so that I know I am not going to have a heart attack whilst doing it. I do know that I will go through a host of other pain though during training and race day !!!!! However I WILL do it, I have never failed in a challenge yet and do not intend to start now.

So, today is day 1 of a 10 month journey to get to race day and I hope to blog/photograph/video the next 10 months for anybody that is interested in my journey. Here is a list I have thought about of what I need to do, or think about. If anybody can think of anything else that will help me along the way I would really appreciate your input.

Training schedule including interim races.

Kit, clothing, shoes, watch, GoPro etc.


Yoga/Bike/weight training/core strength other stuff.

PR and sponsors (not charity but help with kit/nutrition etc).

So if anybody can think of anything else fire away.

For now I am going to go for a run  🙂

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


2 thoughts on “62 @ 62

    • Hiya, yep something I also need to think about. L and C said they would take me to the start and pick me up at the finish at meet up at various points along the way. If not I could just get the bus back, it is only Avebury after all 🙂


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