Starting Again

Well, going to ramble a bit I guess but as of today the 29th I have decided to kick my backside into gear and start training again instead of bumbling around aimlessly. To that end I signed up for the Great West Run a half marathon in Exeter in October.

I think it is fair to say I have been very distracted over the last 6 months. Not only have I uprooted from Swindon and moved down to Devon, I have purchased a place that is more of a location location location than a dream home. The plot and the views are great, I look over the Estuary and the Sea, but it is a bit of a doer upper as they say so quite a bit of work to do. That of course is a bit of an excuse as I have not actually started doing much work yet, just at the ‘thinking’ stage!!!! I have become quite lazy. I also have had a few bouts of illness as well. Some sort of recurring virus which has really knocked me about a bit and so struggle to do more than 4 or 5 miles at the moment. And hence that is why I am saying I am going to start again. It does p me off a bit as this time last year I was running 80 miles a week and easily completing 30 mile runs. But hey ho that was then and this is now.

I also want to get back into my photography which has also gone by the wayside. Not really got a plan on that one yet, just know I need to kick myself into gear.

Not that it affects my running but I also became a grandad 2 months ago and he is just adorable.

So hopefully this will be the start of my blogging again (unless of course it all goes by the by again).