Supreme Queen at Swindon Wyvern Theatre

Saturday night I was at the Wyvern Theatre again, this time to photograph Supreme Queen. They were awesome, what a performance and so much like the original Queen band. They were so good I got really carried away and shot nearly 1000 images. So I found it quite difficult to select and process them down to a reasonable level. This is just a very small selection of the gig. I am sure some people are against ‘tribute acts’ as they are not ‘the real thing’ but trust me, this band are awesome and well worth going to see.

60’s Experience at Wyvern Theatre

Another quick update. This is from The 60’s Exerience at The Wyvern Theatre in Swindon. Excellent show, excellent music and excellent guys to work with. The bands included The Ivy League, Hermans Hermits, Swinging Blue Jeans and The Mersey Beats all compared by Alan Mosca of Freddy and the Dreamers.

A good night out.

Michael Jackson Tribute Wows audience in Swindon at Wyvern Theatre

Today’s update is of a shoot a couple of weekends ago. I was allowed to be back stage at The Wyvern Theatre Swindon for the performance by Ben, The countries finest Michael Jackson Tribute artist. This is the second time I have photographed Ben and it never ceases to amaze me just how realistic Ben is when ‘in character’. And as I am sure those of you who know me I love Michael Jackson music from way back when in the early 70’s to the present day so I for one really enjoyed the performance and was so lucky to see it from the side of the stage.

This is another act that I would definitely recommend you go see if you have the opportunity, you wont be disappointed.

David Bowie Tribute Bowie Experience raised the roof at Swindon Wyvern Theatre

Saturday evening found me at The Wyvern Theatre for the Bowieexperience a David Bowie tribute show. Well I was really really impressed with the show. He and the band sang most of Bowie’s hits and sang them well. I think it is true to say that it is not very often I see pretty much everybody in the theatre standing and dancing but they were at this show. He raised the roof and was just awesome, well worth the effort.

Rag ‘n’ Bone Man at Swindon Oasis

Another quick update before I rush out and mix it with the Chinese State Circus and Shaolin Warriors in a couple of hours. Rag ‘N’ Bone Man was on the same bill as Tom Odell. Now I had heard of him before but not really taken much notice. I am now a big fan of this guy. He was brilliant I was very very impressed. Reinforced by the fact that he is getting lots of air play and media attention at the moment.

Excellent performance.

Tom Odell smashes it in Swindon

Second of my new updates is a couple of images of Tom Odell who played to a packed venue The Swindon Oasis in November. This is the second time I have photographed him and he was so so much better this time. Not only to photograph but he sounded great. A good night was had.

Sham 69 Iconic 70’s Punk Band

Well I have no excuse other than I have been too busy and too lazy to keep my blog up to date. I never realised just how much work is involved with blogging, and I don’t even do it properly. All I ever do is put up images and a short amount of text. How people who fill the content with text and update daily or weekly is frankly impressive and I take my hat off to all you guys out there who do.

That said I am going to update my blog with some of the shoots I have done recently. Starting with this one.

I shot the iconic 1970’s Punk Rock Band Sham 69. The kind guys both in the band and the promoters PigHill Promotions of Swindon allowed me to shoot back stage as well as front of house. It was awesome. I was almost on stage with them rather than back stage. The level of energy I felt on the stage was outstanding and I can understand why bands have to ‘come down’ after a gig. Jimmy Pursey was as awesome as he was back in the 70’s. Talking of which it really did take me back to the 70’s. Not just the band but the audience as well. It was full of punk rockers and skinheads, the only difference was that they were all middle-aged or older rather than young teenagers as I remembered it. And of course there was the obligatory barrier crush and failure. Nothing changes, it was great.

Lighting was very difficult and so technically I am not totally happy with the images I shot but some did get in to the papers and to me they still show that atmosphere of the gig.

So if you remember them or just fancy a fun night out I would suggest going to see them.

King at London Hyde Park BST Concert 2016

King at the London Hyde Park BST 2016 concert series.

Corrine Bailey Rae at London Hyde Park BST 2016

The lovely Corinne Bailey Rae at the London Hyde Park BST concert July 2016.

Stevie Wonder at London Hyde Park BST July 2016

OK guys back in the saddle so to speak. So starting to post again. Back in July I was lucky enough to get Photo Pass for Stevie Wonder Concert at Hyde Park London Barclaycard Summer Time series. I really enjoyed myself but really hard work. He was brilliant of course but very difficult to photograph and listen to. The stage was so high, there were 49 other photographers rushing around and fighting for best spot in the pit. In fact after I got the best shots I could, I put my camera down and just enjoyed the moment. I think it is so important to not just photograph but to enjoy. After the first song we were led back into the press tent where you could watch it on a screen but because it was back stage you couldn’t hear it properly so was p’d off on that score but all in all got to shoot and listen to some epic performers (see other posts) so despite the difficulty it was well worth it.

Oh and one last thing. If you don’t like signing contracts I wouldn’t bother going to try to shoot him. Signed contract with his management company and it was checked 4 times before being allowed in to the pit !!!!!!